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Online Japanese


Customized & Effective Lessons

Embark on an exciting exploration of learning Japanese with us! What fuels your desire to master this incredible language? Whether it's for navigating business interactions, immersing yourself in Japanese travel experiences, conquering the JLPT, or refining your pronunciation at an intermediate or advanced level — we've got you covered.

Our one-on-one lessons are a unique blend of creativity and tailored precision. From upper-beginner to advanced levels, we craft lessons that resonate with your individual needs and aspirations. Learning Japanese is an adventure, and we're here to make it both enjoyable and interactive.

Begin your Japanese language journey today! Join us, and let a certified professional Japanese teacher guide you to fluency, boosting your confidence every step of the way. Let's make your language experience thrilling and enriching!

2024 Lesson Calendar

Winter Session            1/8-3/22

Spring Session            4/1-6/7

Summer Session         7/8-8/31

Fall Session                  9/9-12/20



Naoko / Lead Instructor

Naoko is a certified Japanese teacher with a B.A. in Humanities, specializing in Literature. She completed the 420-hour Advanced Japanese Teacher Training Course and the Japanese Pronunciation for Communication course. In 2010, she relocated to the U.S. and commenced her teaching journey in 2015, tutoring at e-learning firms. Presently, she serves as the principal of OWL Japanese Lessons, offering online instruction in Japanese language and culture worldwide. She specializes in business Japanese and provides guidance for JLPT test preparation.

Introducing Special Guest Speakers for This Summer Session!

Daniel has studied Japanese for over eight years, including one year at Foreign Language College in Fukuoka, Japan. He passed the highest level of the JLPT, the N1, and is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Japanese at the University of Washington. He has also studied Japanese-to-English translation at Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy. Daniel holds a Master of Computer Science from Michigan State University and worked as a software engineer at Microsoft.


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