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Welcome to Naoko's Japanese Classroom.

Customized & Effective Lessons

What are your reasons and goals for studying Japanese?

For work? For travel? For watching anime?

No matter what your goals are and why you want to learn Japanese, I will help you learn with interactive and fun lessons!

My lessons are full of originality and are designed to match your level and meet your goals and range from beginning to advanced levels. Start by learning how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Japanese, and by the end of the course you’ll be able to talk about your interests and hobbies, and share your opinions on a variety of topics.

I always try to be honest and responsible in my lessons with my students. I create a curriculum for each student based on their individual learning speed and level. I take notes on what we learn in the lesson and see how I can help strengthen your language skills.

Get started learning Japanese today and improve your fluency and build confidence with a certified professional Japanese teacher.

<2021 Academic Calendar>


春学期(Spring quarter)(4/1-6/23)

   5/5-5/6         *No class

   5/28- 5/31   *No class

夏学期(Summer quarter)(7/6-8/31)

6/24- 7/5   *No class

秋学期(Fall quarter) (9/10-12/23)

  9/5-9/7     *No class

  11/24-11/28  *No class

冬学期(Winter quarter) (1/4-3/31)

  1/1-1/31     *No class

Due to office relocation, the school will be closed for the entire month of January 2022.



          Naoko Araya

B.A.Humanities, English and American literature, University of Matsuyama Japan

Moved to the United States in 2010

Completed the studies for the 420-hour Advanced Japanese Teacher Training Course


Then started private tutoring in Ithaca NY and online at several E-learning companies

Completed the course for Japanese Pronunciation for Communication at

Waseda University correspondence course



「I'm Naoko, a Japanese language teacher.

I specialize in business Japanese, JLPT test preparation, and natural accent training to help with your daily conversation.
I am interested in animals, business, nature, food, fashion, history & culture of your country. Let's practice conversation on various topics and strengthen your Japanese skills together!」