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Student Reviews

 “Naoko-san is a great teacher. I've been taking weekly lessons with her for about a month now, and I'm very happy with the progress I've made. She has tailored the lessons according to my needs, and has a very systematic way of teaching the language. Within four lessons, I'm now able to make some basic conservations in Japanese. I highly recommend Naoko-san as your tutor."

Posted by Guo-Quan S.

“I highly recommend Naoko anyone who is considering a Japanese tutor for themselves or their child/children. Naoko has been tutoring our son in Japanese for over a year now. Naoko is well-organized and provides thorough materials. Her manner is extremely professional. She is always courteous and punctual. It is very easy to communicate with her via text or email to make plans or cancellations when necessary. I just cannot express how thankful I am that we found her. She has greatly enriched my son’s Japanese learning experience and has consistently provided lesson materials, and interactions that have significantly improved my son’s speaking skills and knowledge of Japanese vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Our son takes 60 minute in-person lessons bi-weekly and is always eager to attend. He really enjoys his lessons and interactions with Naoko. His Japanese has greatly improved during his time with her."

Posted by Samantha V.
 “A few months ago, my son applied to Stanford University's Reischauer Scholars Program, and yesterday he was notified that he has been accepted!! Only 25 to 30 exceptional high school students are selected from the United States to participate in this intensive study of Japan.  We are so happy and excited for him. It has been such a blessing seeing him study and become more and more interested in Japan over the last 3 years. I have learned much from his studies and now, to see this new door open for his growth and learning makes me very thankful for his hard work and enthusiasm, and I am appreciative that his study has been recognized in such a way.  Naoko, you have been the central teaching figure in his Japanese education, his living connection to Japan. Thank you so much for your letter of recommendation and your dedication to teaching.”
Posted by Bruce V.
 “I’ve spent a whole year with naoko and thanks to her i’m oing to Japan to study. She’s great and a wonderful person. Instead of saying that she helped me in japanese (that of course she did, and did it great) I would rather say that she has been my life coach and my friend, a real (and rare to find) sensei. We laughed, we enjoyed, we exchanged opinions and cultural aspects of our life and that was awesome. I can’t thank her enough for everything she did.”
Posted by Paolo.B
 “I'm a new student, taking online lessons with Naoko-san. I really enjoy Sensei's approach with teaching and learning. She created a lesson plan that is flexible and fun. This is an integrated, customized approach with conversation practice and free talk, short essay writing with grammar and stylistic correction, and textbook learning. Naoko-san also provided a range of learning resources. I highly recommend these classes and her teaching methodology!”
Posted by Laura. S.
 “We love Naoko-san. She is really patient and works well with my children. They are bilingual Japanese and English but still need to learn kanji and keep practicing. Having lessons with her helps keep up their Japanese language ability. She is very professional and organized and is also good with kids. I highly recommend Naoko.”
Posted by Leah. T.
 “I’ve been studying with Naoko for several years, and in that time, I’ve gone from only knowing hiragana and katakana to being proficient in Japanese at around the N3 level. I could never have made such progress without her. She is enthusiastic and genuinely invested in helping her students succeed and tailors classes to their individual goals. She is extremely knowledgeable about her field and always knows the right learning materials to use. You could not ask for a better guide on your language-learning journey!”
Posted by Nicolas. V.
 “Naoko-san's lessons are always very interesting, time flies! She is a very patient and supportive teacher. This year, she guides me towards JLPT N3, and I must say she is doing a fantastic job. I've received lots of useful materials, and we always study using authentic Japanese. Naoko-san has a lot of experience, and she always finds a way for me to understand this difficult language. I would not hesitate to recommend her lessons to anyone interested in the Japanese language and culture.”
Posted by Gosia K.
 “Every lesson is so well-prepared and thought out. I enjoy the variety of materials that are used in the class, and all of the conversation practice about a wide variety of subjects!”
Posted by Haley. H
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