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Online Lessons at OWL Japanese Lessons

Learn Japanese with live lessons

Your professional Japanese teacher is by your side and provides you with the right materials to help you interact confidently in the real world and achieve the professional and personal success you are working towards.



Receive and turn in your homework through Google Classroom

 Personal Tutoring


One-to-one sessions  focused on a personal learning plan

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1: 1 Online Lesson                     
Conference Online Lessons at OWL Japanese Lessons

Japanese for Business 

Explore essential expressions and honorifics for business phone calls, meetings, and emails in this course. Tailored for those working or planning to work in Japanese companies.

Level : Intermediate-Advanced

Hiragana learning Online Lessons at OWL Japanese Lessons

Japanese for Beginner

Begin your Japanese language journey with our introductory course. Using our unique materials, you'll grasp basic grammar and vocabulary through speaking, reading, and writing exercises. Homework is a must, and familiarity with Hiragana and Katakana is recommended before starting the course.

Level : Beginner

JLPT Test training Online Lessons at OWL Japanese Lessons

JLPT Test Preparation 

This course is crafted to assist and empower students preparing for JLPT Levels N1-N5. It offers an intensive exam preparation experience, emphasizing grammar, Kanji, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. All lessons will be conducted exclusively in Japanese.

Level : Elementary and above


Learning Skills improve Online Lessons at OWL Japanese Lessons

Customized Comprehensive Japanese  (30min / 45min)

Embark on a comprehensive Japanese course designed to strengthen the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as to build new grammar and vocabulary. Lessons will be conducted in Japanese only.

Level : Elementary and above


Reading and Writing
This course is designed to enhance your vocabulary, refine pronunciation, and boost your writing and reading skills. We'll engage in reading sessions, discussing stories together. Following each lesson, you'll be assigned an essay on the topic, which you'll submit for correction by the teacher. Lessons will be conducted exclusively in Japanese.
Level : Elementary and above

Speaking Practice Online Lessons at OWL Japanese Lessons

Conversation Practice 
Studying grammar and language is essential, but true language skills emerge when you put them into practice. This lesson provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Join us for an enjoyable conversation session discussing your weekend events and hobbies.Lessons will be conducted in Japanese only.
Level : Elementary and above

Kokugo for Kids Online Lessons at OWL Japanese Lessons

Kokugo こくご for Kids
This program is designed for children who are part of the cross-cultural community, with Japanese as one of their heritage languages. We will use Kokugo textbooks and children's books, covering reading, writing, and kanji, and delving into Japanese culture and traditions.  Additionally, we can assist with Japanese school homework.
Age: 5-12

Online Class_edited_edited.jpg

Group Reading  1 & 2

This group reading class is designed for students at all levels who have mastered the Japanese writing systems. We'll explore Japanese stories and news articles, taking turns reading one or two sentences and translating them into English. Through this process, we'll encounter new words and expressions while sharing our thoughts and insights with one another.

Level : 1 for Elementary/ 2 for above intermediate

Intro Japanese for Starter 
In this class, taught by bilingual instructors proficient in both Japanese and English, you will learn about Japanese writing systems, pronunciation, basic grammar, common phrases for greetings, and more. Additionally, the instructors will share tips on learning Japanese based on their own experiences, as well as recommend materials for study.
Level : Starter from zero

culture difference

Culture & Language
In this class, taught by bilingual instructors proficient in both Japanese and English, you will learn about Japanese culture and language structure, including basic grammar, greetings, and Japanese etiquette. The instructor will share his own experiences in Japan, culture shock, daily life, and the unique characteristics of people he encountered during his study abroad.
Level : Beginner

Homework Help
This service is designed to support homework for middle and high school students who have chosen Japanese as a second language, university students majoring in Japanese, and students attending Japanese language schools(補習校). We provide assistance in completing your homework with engaging Japanese language learning methods that ensure effective comprehension and enjoyment. 日本語補習校の宿題お手伝いします。お子様の宿題を楽しく身につく指導でサポートいたします。
Level:All Levels

Travel-Ready Japanese
This course is a five-part series tailored for travelers heading to Japan, aimed at mastering essential phrases used during their travels. In addition to grammar and vocabulary, participants will also simultaneously learn about Japanese culture, recommended tourist destinations, local cuisine, and history.
Level :Beginner

How to book a lesson

1. Click the Okay button on the booking section below, then select a course.

2. Choose your timezone, and find the date and time for your lesson.

3. Fill in the required fields and complete the payment.

4. If there are more than 12 hours before the lesson time begins, you can modify the lesson through the booking page.

   If it is within 12 hours of your lesson, please let us know as soon as possible so I can try to accommodate your request.

5. You will receive a lesson reminder the day before the scheduled lesson.

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