Lessons & Fees

1:1 Online Lesson                                     

  25-minute trial lesson   $10   

  30-minute lesson / Beginner    $20

  30-minute lesson /Intermediate & Advanced   $18

  45-minute lesson /Intermediate & Advanced  $25

  こくご  (ages 5-12)  30 min  $18

 *こくご Class is for Japanese children, we follow the  guidelines for Japanese language textbooks designated by the Japan Ministry of Education

 *If you are at the beginner level, please select a 30-minute lesson

 *All students can use our Cloud Classroom (Google) for free. You can read school announcements and class news on the feed, also you can send writing homework, questions, comments.


Online lessons are conducted on Skype or Zoom.

Please let us know which you prefer!

How to book a lesson

1. Click the Okay button on the booking section below, then select a course.

2. Choose your timezone, and find the date and time for your lesson.

3. Fill in the required fields and complete the payment.

4. If there are more than 12 hours before the lesson time begins, you can modify the lesson through the booking page.

    If it is within 12 hours of your lesson, please let us know as soon as possible so I can try to accommodate your request.

5. You will receive a lesson reminder the day before the scheduled lesson.